Hotel Deals In Kansas

Hotel Deals In Kansas
Battles for the land of Kansas started in 1682 between Spain and France. Finally in 1763, France took the land of Kansas after Spain gave up on it. In 1803 Kansas was sold to the United States of America as part of the Louisiana Purchase. Between 1803 and 1819, Lewis and Clark, Stephen H. Long and Zebulon Pike explored the newly acquired land. Between 1827 and 1853, a number of settlements were built. Among the first and most prominent of these are Fort Leavenworth, Fort Scott and Fort Riley were the first settlements in Kansas.

Kansas is well known for its agricultural contributions to the United States Of America. Wheat, cattle, corn, barley, potatoes and more are grown extensively in Kansas. Kansas is also the number one producer of helium In America. Apart from agriculture, Kansas is also one of the leading states in petroleum production, Zinc, lead and coal mining and Wichita, Kansas is one of Americas leading aviation manufacturers.

Tourist attractions in Kansas include Eisenhower Memorial Museum, Front Street and Fort Larned. Amongst other attractions include the Garden Of Eden Truckhenge and the Kansas Underground Salt Museum. More family orientated attractions include the Prairie Museum of Art And History, the Land of Oz and the Cedar Bluff State Park.

Apart from scenic beauty and wonderful vacation spots, Kansas holds great educational value such as The Combat Air Museum, the Presidential Library, the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center. Kansas is a great state for an educational excursion. Combined with the scenic splendor, the lavish landscape and the fabulous clean atmosphere, Kansas is sure to please anyone who wishes to learn its history, culture and all it has to offer.

With so much beauty, history and culture to offer, it is of little wonder that Kansas is also home to fantastic hotels. Amongst the most prominent include InterContinental Kansas City at the Plaza, Hotel Phillips, Grand Central Hotel, Argosy Casino Hotel, Marriott, Candlewood Suites and Spa and Grill and the Raphael Hotel. These hotels have much to offer to the people who lodge within them. They offer services such as swimming pools, casinos, spas, gyms and restaurants. They also offer customer services such as accessibility ramps, transportation, tour guides, brochures and information desks.

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