Top Discount Deals on Manicures

Top Discount Deals on Manicures

The top discount deals on manicures are readily available in your capital City.


But before you rush off to get your top discount deals on manicures, just spend a little time thinking what me mean when we use the term manicure.


The focus is justifiably on the best discount deals online, but let’s spend a few minutes on the manicure itself.


A manicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment which focuses on the hands and primarily on the fingernails. Indeed, it’s popularity comes about because it greatly enhances the natural look of the nails.


Mostly it involves the shaping of the nail’s free edge into a fashionable ‘cut’, which nowadays resembles a square edge. The nails are then polished and creamed, to produce a finished nail which is protected for everyday use, revitalised and nourished.


Another popular variation is to add artificial nail tips, or artificial nail gels. These extend the nails, but can be vulnerable to the rigours of daily life. For any woman, or indeed man, contemplating nail extensions, then some consideration has to be given to their type of work.


The manicure can also include a hand massage and the application of nourishing creams to the skin. During this process, there is a vast range of lotions and creams which can be chosen, depending on skin type and lifestyle.


As to the word ‘manicure’ itself, it derives, as do many words in the English language, from the time of the Romans. Manus is Latin for hand and cura is Latin for care. Hence the word manicure.


Although a cosmetic treatment and one that can be used in the home, or the salon, care should be taken when applying treatment to the skin, including trimming and cutting. There is a slight risk of infection, so instruments and creams should be handled accordingly.


But what are the origins of the manicure? It is said to have begun around 5000 years ago when women in Arab countries used henna for manicuring and beautifying their hands.


It was an extremely popular practice in France in the 1920s and 1930s, but stretched back to 18th century Paris. The ‘French’ manicure as it’s become known, is designed to look like a natural nail. Thus they are characterised by a natural pink base with a white tip. The tip is actually painted white and the main body of the nail is polished to enhance the pinkness, or painted with a skin tone shade.


So there you are, the next time you are hunting out the best discount deals on manicures, impress your beauty technician with your background knowledge. As your favourite technician polishes and applies lotions, you can regale her of your knowledge and wit.



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